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Unless otherwise posted, meetings are held the first month of each quarter on the fourth Monday following a City Council meeting

The Kenmore Transportation Benefit District was established in April 2012. The District was created for the sole purpose to acquire, construct, improve and fund the City's transportation infrastructure. District's are created in order to help generate a new source of dedicated revenue to specifically fund transportation projects. The City Council served as the District's Board of Directors.


In 2015, the Washington State Legislature enacted RCW 36.74.010 which authorizes a city, that has a TBD with the same boundaries, to assume the functions, rights, powers and obligations of that TBD. To do so, would create efficiencies for the City and eliminate the need for separate meetings, budgets and financial reports. When the City absorbs the TBD, the fees received would be treated as a special revenue source of funds for the City which will continue to be restricted to transportation improvements and preservation.  There would be no changes in contracts, programs, charges or obligations as a result of this action.  The primary fiscal advantage of this action would be $2,500 saved each year which is the current cost of the liability coverage for the Kenmore TBD as well as about $2,000 in audit fees.


On November 14, 2016, the Council passed Resolution 16-282 indicating their intent to conduct a public hearing concerning the assumption of the TBD.  The public hearing took place on November 28, 2016.  At that meeting, the Council passed Ordinance 16-0424.  This Ordinance assumes the rights, powers, functions, immunities and obligations of the Kenmore Transportation Benefit District. 

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