Target Zero Initiative

The Target Zero Initiative was adopted by the City of Kenmore in April of 2014 with the goal of achieving zero pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and serious injuries in Kenmore by 2025 by increasing awareness of pedestrian, bicyclist and driver safety issues. Kenmore is working toward its Target Zero goal by engaging the Three E's: Engineering, Enforcement, and Education. These efforts include creating safer pedestrian and bicycle pathways, offering helmets at a low price, educating bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers through events and pamphlets, and enforcing traffic safety laws for all road users - among many other citywide improvements.

The City can reach the Target Zero goal only with the community's help. We all have to work together and take responsibility for being safe and courteous road users. This page provides information on how to be a safe pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver.




Key Safety Strategies
  • See and Be Seen. Pedestrians and bicyclists should always wear reflective, light-colored clothing to increase their visibility for drivers.
  • Drivers and bicyclists share the road equally. Bicycles are considered "vehicles" under Washington law and are allowed to ride in the middle of a lane. They may still ride on the shoulder on your right, so always check your blind spot before making a turn or switching lanes.
  • Don't be a distracted driver. Texting and talking on a hand held device while driving are banned in Washington. Both are primary offences, meaning a driver can be pulled over purely for that reason.
  • Stop, Look, and Listen. While walking down busy streets, approaching intersections, and crossing streets, please stop what you are doing, turn down the volume, look where you are going, and listen for traffic before crossing.


Rainy and Dark Seasonal Tips
Target Zero Reward Program

The City's Target Zero Reward Program strives to encourage children and teens under the age of 18 to be safer bicyclists and pedestrians. While out on patrol, Kenmore police officers will "cite" children and teens for displaying good traffic safety behavior such as wearing protective and reflective gear, signaling turns while riding a bike, using yellow crossing flags at crosswalks, and many other positive safety actions. These coupons are good for free treats courtesy of 7-Eleven. Be safe, be seen and get rewarded!



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